It’s spring again, and I’ve just realised it is nearly a year since I posted any pictures. 10 months since my last blog post, and how different the world feels to us humans. Here we are in lockdown and the world is suffering from the terrible pandemic that is Coronavirus.

Not so for the birds and the natural world, the seasons keep rolling on, the birds are making their nests, new life is appearing, chicks are hatching. Mother nature shows us that whatever things we might feel are massively changing in our world, the underlying rules of the universe will always stay the same. Nature shows us certainty in the face of massive uncertainty. Hold on to that, it’s truly humbling.

Whatever you’re experiencing during these turbulent times, take some time to experience the wonders of the natural world around you. The colours of spring are incredible and its sounds are soothing. It’s NatureTherapy. If you don’t have the ability to get out and watch wildlife locally, here are some images I hope will bring you some peace and inspiration.

Stanmore Common, Middlesex, UK. These Coot chicks are just a few days old

A beautiful Green Ring Neck Parakeet visits our garden feeder.

A Robin sits on our pot of wild lavender.

The Starlings are franticly searching for material to line their nest in our guttering.

A Jay patiently waits his turn to visit the garden feeder.