Whilst us humans were in lockdown, the natural world never had so much clean air, space and lack of disturbance. The whole of this spring birds had the run of the empty green spaces. More of us however were more attentive to our gardens and our feeders so many of the wildlife got a boost with extra food, helping keep their chicks and fledglings plump and healthy as they grew.

Here’s a few images and videos of the favourite moments of my ‘lockdown through the lens’ birdwatching this spring.

A One Minute Meditation Of Visitors To Our Bird Feeder

Before we dive into the ‘Spring Collection’ I’ll start with a short one minute compilation of an afternoon behind my new camouflage netting strung across our shed door. A great way to create a makeshift hide to get up close to the wildlife.


A Great Spotted Woodpecker now frequents our feeder, along with an inquisitive juvenile and a female, which we believe to be part of the same family

The male woodpecker regularly spent time showing his offspring how to get at the peanuts, whilst at the same time feeding the younger bird too.

And more recently we’ve been treated to a glimpse of a Green Woodpecker on our neighbours front lawn


Starlings were nesting nearby and regularly visited the garden and feeder with their fledglings.

Blue and Great Tits

There have been an abundance of Great Tits and Blue Tits this year, with large groups of fledglings visiting the garden regularly.

Green Ringneck Parakeets

Early on in the spring we had just one Green Ringneck Parakeet visit the feeder. Come rain or shine it would come and get its fill of peanuts. It seemed they may well have been tending their chicks in the woods as a whole family of parakeets returned a couple of months later.

And The Best Of The Rest…

What a wonderful spring this has been, with so many species thriving. Here’s just a selection of some photographs I’ve taken throughout the season. I hope you’ve enjoyed the spectacle of nature in spring as much as I have this year.