I’m blessed to live in North London not far from the glorious Hampstead Heath. The heathland and it’s nearby parks are havens for a diverse family of wildlife, from grey squirrels to urban foxes, sparrows, tits, magpies, jays and the more elusive mistlethrush and nuthatch..

Green Parrots Hampstead HeathWhen walking through the heath’s many trails you can also be sure to hear the call of the green ring neck parrots which abundantly breed in the area.

Notable areas to explore on and around the heath are Kenwood House grounds, with it’s beautiful woodland trail and the incredible views across the city (exit through the Stables Gate), the many ponds, and Golders Green park, located opposite the famous Bull and Bush public house in North End Road.

In the late summer and early autumn there’s nothing better than collecting a few blackberries from the heath extension around Wildwood Road.

I’ve yet to get a shot of the woodpeckers that make their home on the heath, though I’ve heard their distinctive ‘rat-a-tat-tat’ many times whilst tromping through the woodland mulch…

For more information visit the Hampstead Heath website here.

Here’s a gallery containing some of the latest photographs I’ve taken at Hampstead Heath